Mixers for dairy products

When mixing dairy products, the most important aspects are a hygienic processing and a mixing process that treats the product gently. For this continuous process, there is a sterile model of INDAG dynamic inline mixer offering a minimal dead zone. The capability for standard CIP (cleaning-in-place) and complete drainage enables a safe production process.

Liquid + Liquid

INDAG mixers are very well suited for mixing liquids. It is possible to mix two media, but a variety of liquids can also be mixed together. By liquids we mean pumpable media. Depending on the mixing task, the INDAG mixer types DLM/M, DLM/P,DLM/S and DLM/H are suitable for mixing liquids for dairy products.

Application examples Gentle Inline Mixer:

  • Cream cheese + stabiliser
  • Cream cheese + fruit
  • Milk porridge + mango puree
  • Yoghurt + fruit
  • Yoghurt + fruit jam
  • Yoghurt + fruit preparation
  • Yoghurt + curd
  • Yoghurt + fruit syrup
  • Yoghurt + fruit pieces
  • Yoghurt + calcium/magnesium preparation
  • Yoghurt + cheese
  • Cheese paste + rennet
  • Curd + fruit flavouring
  • Quark + fruit juice
  • Quark + apple juice, apple puree, water
  • Quark + yoghurt
  • Quark + cream
  • Curd base + fat
  • Cream + fondant
  • Cream + gelatine
  • cream + quark
  • Drinking yoghurt + kefir
  • Drinking yoghurt + fruit preparation
  • Cooking processed cheese with steam

Application examples
Inline Homogenizer:

  • Condensed milk + rennet
  • Milk powder (crush lumps) + water + fat
  • Whey + fat

Liquid + Gas

High shear forces and relatively long residence times are needed to produce foams or to cook continuously with steam. For this task the INDAG intensive mixer type DLM / S or a dynamic mixer type DLM / M is used.

Application examples
Intensive Inline Mixer:

  • Cheese + steam
  • Ice cream + nitrogen
  • Butter + nitrogen
  • Cheese + superheated steam
  • Curd mixture + nitrogen
  • Cream + nitrogen
  • Whipped cream
  • Processed cheese + superheated steam
  • Foaming/aerating yoghurt
  • Foam up/aerate quark

Liquid + Solids

The term 'solids' covers all non-pumpable media. These can be powders, granulates, or large particles. In order to continuously mix defined amounts of these into a liquid, we use our solid-liquid mixer type DLM / FS

Application examples
Solid-Liquid Inline Mixer:

  • Butter + salt, spices
  • Cheese + melting salt
  • Fat + dry spices
  • Cream cheese + salt, spices
  • Sour cream + dry herbs
  • Curd + salt, spices

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