Mixers for environment

For wastewater treatment INDAG offers various mixers for different solutions. INDAG dynamic inline mixers offer stable and low dead space designs for these continuous processes.

Liquid + Liquid

INDAG mixers are very well suited for mixing liquids. It is possible to mix two media, but a variety of liquids can also be mixed together. By liquids we mean pumpable media. The INDAG mixer types DLM/KA and the Flowmix MD are suitable for mixing liquids for environmental technology. 

Application examples
Sewage Sludge Inline Mixer:

  • Wastewater Precipitation + FeCl3 or Polymer
  • Dosing of liquid polymer for sludge dewatering
  • Digested sludge + grease
  • River water treatment with FeCl3
  • Slurry + hay, straw grass, maize silage, beets
  • Sewage sludge + polymer solution
  • River water desalination
  • Seawater desalination
  • Polymer + oil
  • Sludge from fermentation residues + polymer solution
  • Water Iron(III) chloride, aqueous solution

Liquid + Gas

Application examples
Hydrolysis Inline Mixer

  • Dewatered digested sludge + water, saturated steam
  • Digestate from biogas plants + air
  • Sewage sludge + steam

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