Mixers for baked products

When mixing baked products, the most important aspects are a hygienic processing and a mixing process that treats the product gently. For this continuous process, there is a sterile model of INDAG dynamic inline mixer offering a minimal dead zone. The capability for standard CIP (cleaning-in-place) and complete drainage enables a safe production process.

Liquid + Liquid

INDAG mixers are very well suited for mixing liquids. It is possible to mix two media, but a variety of liquids can also be mixed together. By liquids we mean pumpable media. Depending on the mixing task, the INDAG mixer types DLM/MDLM/PDLM/S and DLM/H are suitable for mixing liquids for baked goods.  .

Application examples
Dynamic Inline Mixer:

  • Fat filling + flavouring
  • Fat filling + colouring
  • Fat filling + chocolate, coffee paste, nut pulp
  • Fat filling + liqueur, syrup
  • Fondant + colour/flavouring
  • Fondant + additives
  • Melted sugar mass + chocolate fat mass, flavouring
  • Chocolate coating
  • Milk filling + colour/flavour
  • Cream filling + rum sultana paste
  • Dough + colouring

Liquid + Gas

High shear forces and relatively long residence times are needed to produce foams or to cook continuously with steam. For this task the INDAG intensive mixer type DLM / S or a dynamic mixer type DLM / M is used.

Application examples
Intensive Inline Mixer:

  • Sponge mixture + compressed air
  • Sponge mixture/quark mixture + air
  • Aerate/foam fillings
  • Cream + nitrogen

Liquid + Solids

The term 'solids' covers all non-pumpable media. These can be powders, granulates, or large particles. In order to continuously mix defined amounts of these into a liquid, we use our solid-liquid mixer type DLM / FS.

Application examples
Solid-Liquid Inline Mixer:

  • Filling + cerials, nuts, chocolate pieces
  • Fondant + cerials, nuts, chocolate pieces
  • Dough + cerials, nuts, chocolate pieces
  • Water + flour

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