High Pressure Inline Mixer

Mixing with high pressure for high viscosity
products of the plastic and polymer industry

INDAG High Pressure Inline Mixers are used in polymerisation and extrusion/compounding applications. Requirements on mixing technology for mixing of additives  or master batches into high viscous polymer (hot melt of plastic) are: pressures up to 160 bar (2500 psig), viscosities up to 10,000 Pas and temperatures of up to 330°C (626°F). 
Examples of products to mix: Polyethylen PE, Polyamide PA, Polyethylelene terephtalate PET, TPU Thermoplastic Polyure-tane, PS-Polystyrene, Polybutylene teraphtalate PBT or Polycarbonate PC.
The High Pressure Inline Mixer type DLM/S HP adapts to a wide range of capacities (kg/h) and to a wide range of additive concentrations just by changing the mixer rotational speed.

    Advantages of DLM/S HP

    Commercial advantages of DLM/S HP:

    • Easy way to improve product quality and to upgrade product characteristics.
    • Quick return on investment.
    • Realize higher prices and higher margins for upgraded and unique products.

    Technical advantages of DLM/S HP:

    • Highest flexibility
    • Easy and fast product changes
    • Better and more homogenious mixture
    • Low pressure loss
    • Nearly dead space free
    • No wear of rotor and stator (contact free)
    • Drive power is efficiently transformed into mixing energy.
    • Only designed for mixing
    • Upon request INDAG also delivers additive metering pumps and additional equipment.


    Pressure levels
    25 bar, 40 bar, 100 bar, 160 bar, higher on request

    carbon steel, AISI 304, AISI 316L, Hastelloy, acid resistant tantal coating

    visco seal with stuffing box package

    DIN oder ANSI flange (25 bar); INDAG high pressure flange (40-160 bar)

    Rotational speed
    180 rpm to 550 rpm

    10 kg/h to 10,000 kg/h (higher on inquiry)

    0°C to 330°C

    1mPas to 70,000,000 mPas

    Mixer sizes and capacities of DLM/S HP

    Type DLM/S HPUnit01234
    rotational speed1/min400-600200-450150-350120-300100-250
    *Capacity depends on product. Higher capacities on inquiry.
    Subject to technical modifications.


    Dimension drawing of
    DLM/S HP

    DLM/S 110 HO ST LB HP100


    Dimension drawing of
    DLM/S HP

    DLM/S 212 HO ST LB HP100


    Dimension drawing of
    DLM/S HP

    DLM/S 315 HO ST LB HP100



    Dimension drawing of
    DLM/S HP

    DLM/S 415 HO ST LB HP100

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