Gentle Inline Mixer

Gentle mixing with paddle mixing elements
for shear sensitive products

INDAG Gentle Inline Mixer type DLM/M is used for gentle mixing of mostly shear-sensitive products. Examples for applications are: mixing fruit concentrate into yoghurt or quark or chocolate into ice cream. Different ingredients can also be gently mixed into foams. A chocolate mousse is made by gently folding chocolate into egg white foam without destroying the delicate foam. Other examples are: mixing caustic lye into vegetable oil for neutralization or mixing aroma into a fat mass.


Advantages of DLM/M

  • Very good self-cleaning during CIP-cleaning
  • No pressure loss
  • No blockage entwining (clog) free
  • Very homogenous mixing result
  • Variable mixing energy through speed change via frequency converter
  • Execution with double jacket and further connections possible
  • Gentle mixing of sensitive products
  • Special designs, e.g. for high system pressure

Technology of DLM/M

The INDAG mixer type DLM/M has mixing elements on the rotor only. The stator (mixer casing) has no mixing elements. The rotor of the DLM/M mixer can be equipped with different mixing element geometries. The optimum geometry depends on the products to be mixed. The DLM/M is offered in compact design (KB) and in bearing block design (LB). In the compact design, the rotor is mounted  by the output shaft of the motor. In the bearing block design, the rotor is mounted by its own bearing block. With a separate bearing block, longer rotors and thus larger mixing volumes can be realized. Furthermore, this design is also suitable for mixing under high pressure or high temperature. The type of rotor seal is selected to suit each application. For the supply of the double acting mechanical seal INDAG offers the suitable barrier fluid system. In addition to the standard version of the DLM/M an INDAG Gentle Inline Mixer type DLM/M ECO is available. As the name ECO (Economic) already suggests, the mixer can be offered at attractive prices, due to the production in larger quantities.  However, in order to achieve larger quantities, the DLM/M ECO is not freely configurable.

Horizontal or vertical position of mixer is possible

Pressure levels
6 bar, 10 bar, 16 bar, 25 bar, 40 bar

1.4404 (AISI 316 L) or higher quality on request

Single acting mechanical seal; double acting mechanical seal; even in aseptic execution

Dairy connections according to DIN 11851, DIN 11864, Tri Clamp, SMS and various others on request

Rotational speed
100 rpm to 1,800 rpm

50 l/h to 120,000 l/h

0 °C to 250 °C

1 mPas to 50,000 mPas

Mixer sizes and capacities of DLM/M

connectionDN40-8050 -10065-15080 -200100-250125-300
optionalASME1,5” -3”2”-4”2,5”-6”3”-8”4”-10”5”-12”
rotational speed1/min100-1.800100-1.800100-1.800100-1.800100-1.000100-1.000
*Capacity depends on product.
Subject to technical modifications.

Dimension drawing of DLM/M with bearing block (LB)

DLM/M-1 LBmm3311292501500
DLM/M-2 LBmm3661553121700
DLM/M-3 LBmm4621753851900
DLM/M-4 LBmm5642054602200
DLM/M-5 LBmm6542444602500
DLM/M-6 LBmm7522885202800
* depends on the drive

Dimension drawing of DLM/M compact version (KB)

DLM/M-1 KBmm331129158886
DLM/M-2 KBmm366155170992
DLM/M-3 KBmm4621751901076
DLM/M-4 KBmm5642051901220
DLM/M-5 KBmm6542442181360
DLM/M-6 KBmm7522882441460
*depends on the drive

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