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INDAG is the expert for dynamic continuous inline mixers.

INDAG mixers are used for homogeneous mixtures, emulsions and dispersions as well as for the aeration of products by means of gas mixing or boiling by mixing in steam. The product portfolio ranges from gentle mixing to intensive mixing and high shear mixing. The dynamic inline mixers are used in production, laboratories or pilot plants. INDAG mixers consist of standardised components that are tailored to the specific product and application requirements of the customer.



Our dynamic inline mixers are widely used in the food, confectionery, dairy, beverage, chemical, sewage treatment, cosmetics, vegetable oil and many other industries. The continuous inline mixers are used for emulsifying, dispersing, mixing, dissolving, boiling, diluting, aerating, foaming and also for comminution.



We have the right mixer for your application: Hygienic mixers, aseptic mixers, industrial mixers, high-pressure mixers, high-viscosity mixers, high-temperature mixers, solid-liquid mixers, high-shear mixers, dispersers, emulsifiers, laboratory mixers or pilot plant mixers.

The portfolio of our dynamic inline mixers covers a wide range of shear rates, from gentle mixing and intensive mixing to emulsification or dispersion.

The latest development, our INDAG Solid-Liquid Inline Mixer, is used for continuous and gentle mixing of powders with liquids or granulates with liquids.

Over 60 years of mixer construction have made us one of the leading companies in inline mixing technology. Please feel free to inform yourself about our company history, our guideline, our certification, our location and your career opportunities at INDAG.

We will be happy to advise you on our dynamic inline mixers. You can find all the options for contacting us here.

INDAG supplies dynamic inline mixers to over 70 countries around the world. Our export share is 80%. Our service is supported by our numerous local partners.

INDAG mixers are used in a wide variety of industries. INDAG is present at the respective major exhibitions. Here you will find all current dates.

INDAG offers a comprehensive range of services for INDAG inline mixers, from maintenance and spare parts deliveries to commissioning and repairs.

Product information as well as 3D animations or videos are available for download.

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