Delivery of 12 Intensive Inline Mixers

INDAG has delivered a total of twelve dynamic continuous mixers for the production of detergents for several production lines of a major customer.

Directly before filling, different additives are continuously mixed into a "master batch". Depending on the recipe, these could be enzymes, glycerine, perfumes, brighteners and many other components. The special feature of the mixers is the large number of product inputs in the mixer housing. Depending on the recipe, up to twelve media can be fed into the mixer. A hygienic mixer design with polished surfaces and flushed mechanical seals is a matter of course for this type of application. The mixers were manufactured in two batches of six and, as usual, shipped punctually on the respective shipping date. 

For more information on the Intensive Inline Mixer Type DLM/S, please click here..
Photos of dynamic continuous mixers in special design can be found here.

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