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Liquid + Liquid

By Liquids we understand pumpable media. The following INDAG mixer types are suitable for these mixing tasks:  DLM/MDLM/PDLM/S or DLM/H .

Application examples:

candy mass (hard)

candy mass (fluid)

Egg white + chocolate with butter

fat + milk

fat based cream filling + rum-raisin paste

fat filling + milk chocolate, coffee paste

fat filling + milk chocolate , nut pulp

fat filling + liqueur, syrup

fat filling + aroma

fat filling + coffee paste

fat filling + nut pulp, coffee paste

fat mass and milk filling + additives

fondant + colour/aroma

fondant + aroma

fondant + egg white foam

fondant + additives

fondant and egg white foam + aroma

jelly + acid

melted sugar mass + chocolate fat mass, aroma

caramel + rework caramel, aroma

caramel + colour, aroma


milk + fat

milk filling + coffee paste

milk filling + aroma

chocolate + aroma

chocolate + butter fat

chocolate + colour, aroma

chocolate and coffee paste + foamed up fat filling

chocolate and nut pulp + foamed up fat filling

chocolate coating

chocolate mass

syrup + foaming agents

ice cream + fruit preparation

toffee + rework toffee, aroma

toffee + 3 aromas

vanilla sauce + coconut oil

wafer breakage (rework)

wafer breakage chocolate mass

wine gum + apple pectin

Liquid + Gas

High shear forces and relatively long residence times are needed to produce foams or to cook continuously with steam. For this task the INDAG intensive mixer type DLM / S or a dynamic mixer type DLM / M is used.

Apllication examples:

chocolate mousse

chewing gum + air

marshmallows foamed up

praline filling + nitrogen

chocolate foamed up

toffee mass foamed up

milk chocolate + coffee paste, nitrogen

milk chocolate + nut pulp, nitrogen

wine gum (foamed up)

Liquid + Solids

The term 'solids' covers all non-pumpable media. These can be powders, granulates, or large particles. In order to continuously mix defined amounts of these into a liquid, we use our solid-liquid mixer type DLM / FS

Application examples:

Chocolate + almonds or nuts

Cocoa butter + chocolate powder

Cream + chocolate chips

Candy mass + acid powder

Nougat + chocolate or nut chips

Jelly mass + cereals or powder

Peanut butter + chocolate or nut chips

White cholcolate + fruit powder

Egg white foam + cereals

Chocolate filling + powder

Fat cream + crispies

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